Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Quinoa & Almond Sandwich Bread (w/ Almond-free Option)

Just Quinoa Bread (almond-free option)
This is a simple recipe for a grain-free and nutritious vegan bread. It slices well after two hours of cooling. A food processor or powerful wide-based blender is needed for this recipe. Additionally, a coffee grinder or similar device may be needed to finely grind almonds or almond meal. You can also use this recipe to make just quinoa bread, by using quinoa flour in place of almond flour.

 2 cups whole quinoa
1 cup ground flax seeds or flax seed meal
3 & 1/3 cup water
1 cup lightly packed, finely ground almonds or finely ground almond flour or ground quinoa/quinoa flour
3/4 tsp baking soda
1 tsp powdered kelp (optional)
3 tbsp apple cider vinegar or lemon juice

Grain-free Quinoa & Almond Vegan Bread

1) Preheat oven to 350F and grease standard size loaf pan with coconut oil.
2) Place quinoa and 2 cups water into food processor and process for 5 minutes.
3) Add ground flax seed and 1& 1/3 cup water to food processor and process mixture until homogeneous.
4) In large bowl, place finely ground almonds (or quinoa flour), baking soda, and powdered kelp, and combine dry ingredients.
5) Add quinoa mixture from food processor to dry mix in bowl.
6) Stir ingredients well, making sure to scrape bottom of bowl
7) Lastly, add apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice) to bowl and gently fold into mixture with silicone or rubber spatula. At this point the bread will begin rising, so be careful not to over mix.  The mixture should a thick batter.
8) Quickly pour mixture into greased bread pan and place in oven. You should be able to slightly shape the top of the loaf after pouring it into the pan.
9) Bake for 1 hour.
10) Let loaf cool in pan for 5 minutes. Then loosen sides with knife and flip out of pan. Cool on rack or plate, if you don't have a rack.
11) After two hours, bread will be sliceable. Depending on how long you want your bread to stay fresh, keep it at room temperature for a couple of days, or for 4-5 days refrigerated, wrapped in a paper towel or brown paper bag, and kept in plastic.

This bread is grain-free, gluten-free, corn-free, rice-free, dairy-free, casein-free, bean-free, soy-free, egg-free, potato-free, nightshade-free, and xanthan gum-free.
This bread can be made almond-free and tree nut-free.
It can be made completely yeast-free by using lemon juice instead of apple cider vinegar.


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  2. I'm having a terrible time with quinoa.... whenever i rinse it, it just goes everywhere, and i havent yet tried it without that horridly bitter taste. any suggestions? (i suppose i could use that metallic mesh coffee strainer)

  3. The source or brand of quinoa seems to determine how much it needs to be rinsed. I have had to rinse some brands. A fine mesh stainer, nylon or metal, will do.
    The quinoa I currently use, I do not rinse. I buy from NutsOnline and in bulk from the local health food store. However in the past, I have had to rinse some prepacked brands of quinoa available in grocery stores. I have also been dissapointed with the taste and quality of the same brands.

  4. May I know if the smell/taste of quinoa is very strong? :) And if the bread is dry and crumbly? I don't have a food processor at this point (buying one soon) can I do this in my Blendtec? Thanks!

    1. I made this in my Vitamix and it turned out well. Next time I may add a little salt. Thank you so much for the recipes and inspiraiton. Looking forward to trying your other creations. Hopefully you will post your sesame seed "cheese" recipe.

    2. You can definitely do this in a Blendtec! I used my Vitamix too like Mila and it worked perfectly. I also would recommend adding salt. What do you think Mila 1 tsp? Quinoa definitely does have a certain taste to it that comes out in the bread. But personally I love the taste. The bread is not dry and crumbly. On the contrary it is soft and moist! Really amazing bread. If you haven't given it a try yet Serene def do ;)

  5. Hey.
    I tried making your bread. But i noticed that the middle of the loaf was still raw. am I over mixing? Do i need to bake 15 mins longer? Do i need to add more dry ingredients? Any help or tips are appreciated :)


    1. I have had the exact problem. I tried posting your same question but never received a reply. Have you figured out how to fix this particular problem? I feel it could potentially be so good...

    2. I had the same issue and I didn't over mix mine. For me, I think it's because it's using whole quinoa instead of quinoa flour. I know we are making a flour/water slurry in the food processor, but it seemed extra dense when put into the pan. I rose beautifully and had an amazing crust but never cooked all the way through. I ended up cooking it for 2 hours, cut open one end and cooked it for another 20+ minutes until more dried out. I think something is missing in the type of pan used in the original post, or maybe it would be better in a flatter wider pan? Unknown what the cause is. The bread is delicious - I just wish the poster would check this and give a reply.

    3. I agree, it's a lovely bread. I too hope someone will look at the comments section and give us a solution...

    4. I agree, it's a lovely bread. I too hope someone will look at the comments section and give us a solution...

    5. I followed this recipe exactly and did not have this problem. I used uncooked organic quinoa from Walmart and water in my Vitamix, then added a pre-ground organic flax seed meal also from Walmart, and used a fine almond flour from a natural foods store. Did y'all wait the 2 hours after baking for the bread to "set" before cutting into it?

    6. Bake for exactly 1 hour. It won't seem done in the center but Trust :) Set for 2 hours and slice.

  6. This is probably a really dumb question, but are you using uncooked quinoa, or cooked quinoa for this recipe? I was thinking uncooked, but wanted to be sure...

  7. Anyone tried this with a bread machine(on quick setting)? Or tried it with yeast instead of the baking soda?

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  9. Mila is right, this loaf needs salt! Next time I'm going to try adding 1 tsp salt. I was extremely impressed however with how well this turned out. I honestly didn't have my hopes too high since I'd experienced SO many failed attempts at vegan gluten-free baking before. vegan grain-free didn't even seem possible. BUT IT IS! I do believe that one will need either a Vitamix (very powerful high-speed blender) or a very good food processor for this. My mom's little Cuisinart could never process the quinoa and water properly. I happened to have received a Vitamix for Christmas two weeks ago so I was in luck. I did not cook the quinoa. I used a fine almond flour I bought from a natural foods store. I did not experience the problem of the center of the loaf being raw. Perhaps those commenters did not wait the two hours after baking before cutting into the loaf? I baked for precisely 1 hour and let it sit for exactly 2 and a half hours before cutting. I don't have a wire rack so I thought I could prop it up on it's side but when I did that at first the center of the loaf seemed to wobble out towards the crust, if that makes sense. Hard to explain but by that I could tell that the center of the loaf was definitely not set. So I got creative and used like a metal wire basket thing I have, put it on it's side, and set the loaf on top of that. I was nervous for those 2 hours but I waited and when I sliced it it was like an exciting surprise! Beautiful, perfect vegan grain-free bread. Wow. I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich right away. Definitely making this loaf again and again and sharing the recipe. Thanks so much Organic Grain Free Vegan!!


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